Regulation NMS Exchange Platform Solution


A US-based regulated exchange was preparing for a large-scale technology migration from a legacy system to an entirely new platform and was initially looking for a flexible FIX-based member firm interface into both old and new trading systems. After the initial proof-of-concept, the capabilities of the Enodia Financial Technology exchange solution became apparent, and the project scope was expanded to include the following:

         Ticker Plant into the Trading System & Market Operation

         Real-time Tape Reporting

         SEC Compliant Surveillance System

         System Control & Notification Center

         Corporate Actions Solution

         Back Office Billing & Reporting

         DTC Clearing Interface

         FINRA Compliant Trade Reporting

         Member Firm Interface

Ultimately, the solution was able to help bridge all technology migration requirements between old and new systems including the back-end trading system while satisfying the business requirements for availability, flexibility, performance, and reliability.

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