Pre-trade Risk Management


A proprietary trading firm was looking to satisfy pre-trade risk management requirements mandated by their clearing firm.At the same time, the firm was also seeking an innovative internalization solution that would save execution services fees and provide real-time visibility into the corresponding increase in risk exposure within the equity markets.The Enodia Technology Platform was chosen to satisfy the firmsí complex trading environment which included multiple legal entities in different countries while also providing real-time visibility and control of all pre-trade risk parameters.Additionally, a complete DMA and Smart Order Routing solution was provided along with an internalization engine capable of managing orders.The complex system had a number of key features that delivered value to the firm:

         Provide both the firm and the clearing firm with complete real-time visibility into trading risk

         Allow for real-time control of pre-trade risk parameters

         Manage all risk-oriented reference data

         Complete internalization solution designed to minimize execution services fees while also managing underlying market risk

         Integrate with 3rd party OMS and clearing firm system requirements

         End of day profit and loss reporting

The system was deployed as a live solution and met the customerís core requirements while also establishing the viability of a new business model.

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